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Customer Testimonials

Flexi Tanks are changing the way New Zealand manages liquid storage. 

Cake Commercial - Transmission Tower Water Blasting

Cake Commercial Services has been a customer of Flexi Tanks NZ since 2021 and has purchased a number of smaller 5m3 flexible water bladders for their company to use in their transmission tower refurbishments. 

Kaipaki Berries - Water Storage

Jay operates a 10 hectare hydroponic tunnel site producing strawberries, raspberries and blackberries in the Waikato. Water is imperative to their operation. 

Ngaere Dairy Farm - Effluent Storage

Ngaere dairy farmer Glenn Taylor is happy to extol the virtues of a French product he installed on his farm back in June 2018. “Basically it’s done what I wanted it to do. It’s somewhere to put effluent safely”.

Vineyard - Water Storage

When Hugh and Jane went looking for a water storage system they were prepared to look at all the options and they are well aware of the unreliability of rainfall on the east coast.

Otautu Bay Farm Camp - Potable Water Storage

Securing potable (Drinking) water for the summer season.

Oaky Creek Coal Mine – Fire Safety

Introduced a 300,000-litre tank at the Central Queensland site, giving Oaky Creek water at the location as a short-term water storage solution.

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