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More about Flexi Bladders

Flexi Tanks NZ Ltd offer a simple solution to liquid storage.

Flexi Tanks NZ Ltd are the NZ distributors of the Flexible Tank – a solution for your dairy effluent, water or fuel storage needs especially suited to high risk soil areas throughout New Zealand.

Our Flexi Tanks are an enclosed strong bladder with tanks that can store from 25,000 litres to 2,000,000 litres of liquid matter.  

Simple to install, just roll out the bladder on top of a 100mm horizontal bed of sand, attach to your current effluent, water or fuel system and there is your storage solution solved eliminating expensive engineering consent work. 

Technical Specifications


• Technical fabric FALi 14: Technical fabric in polyester thread high tenacity, woven and double sided PVC coating – special two-sided varnish finish and UV stabilized for maximum lifespan – 1400 g/m2 – 100% recyclable.
• Technical fabric developed specifically for our range of flexible tanks for effluent storage.
• Two-sided varnish fabric for better resistance to fermentation products.

• Assembled by high frequency welding according to manufacturing standards in our production unit certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
• Reinforcements at the level of openings guarantee  an excellent mechanical holding and a perfect waterproofness
• 100% made in France

• 10 years guarantee: 100% guarantee against all material (technical fabric) and manufacture (welding) defects

Bladder Specifications

  • Above are the most popular Tank dimensions however, other tank dimensions are available on request.

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Here's What our Flexi Tank Clients Have to Say!

"Thanks for your assistance in our farm having access to store all that free water, in a quality that is as clean as when it fell out of the sky.

With our annual rainfall of 1.2 m falling on the roof area, of 6,300 sq meters, we can catch 7,500,000 litres of rain water.

We are trying to capture at least half of this, and if we had the money I would have two bladders To capture all and offer fresh water every day to the cows."

Bryan Beerston

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Reasons our customers install a Flexi Tank over other types of liquid storage:

  • Rapid easy installation - Farmers can install themselves in about 2-3 hours
  • Limited smell as tanks are totally enclosed (gas vents included)
  • No crusting on top of effluent
  • Safe and OSH compliant - tank is enclosed so you or your employees can't fall into the tank
  • No security fencing is required around tank, just normal stock fence
  • Flexi Tanks are totally enclosed so there is no need to calculate for rainwater falling into your open tank, so your total effluent storage requirements will be less
  • Full 10 year manufacturer's warranty for textile and manufacture 
  • Expected life under normal conditions is up to 20 years
  • Flexi Tanks are an enclosed "self-supporting" bladder that goes up and down in height depending on how much liquid is inside
  • Strong - Manufactured for a multi layered technical rep stop fabric with a tensile strength of 450kg per 5cm
  • Depreciable:  You can depreciate your Flexi Tank at 25% per annum as they are a tangible asset which can be rolled up and sold if need be.
  • Science behind the product: Textile approved and monitored by KIWA (product specification review) for 20 years
  • Longstanding French Manufacturer; Manufactured since 1959 in multiple uses around the world
  • Industry approved as a sensible viable option for Dairy Farmers putting an effluent management system in place.
  • No consent necessary to install a Flexi Tank.




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