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Industrial Bladder Tanks Range from 25m3 to 1000m3

They are suitable for:

  • Waste water storage: agriculture, city effluent temporary storage. 
  • Liquid fertiliser storage - sulfur & nitrogen
  • Suitable for liquid leachates
  • Fire fighting: reservoirs, new land development water storage
  • Rainwater and water storage: horticulture, viticulture, roading construction, agriculture, building sites. 
  • Industrial effluent storage
  • Farm effluent storage


  • Rapid and easy installation
  • Safe and OSH compliant - tank is enclosed so you or your employees can't fall into the tank
  • No security fencing is required around tank, just normal stock fence
  • Full 10 year manufacturer's warranty for textile and manufacture 
  • Expected life under normal conditions is up to 20 years
  • Flexi Tanks are an enclosed "self-supporting" bladder that goes up and down in height depending on how much liquid is inside
  • Strong - manufactured from a multi-layered technical rip-stop fabric with a tensile strength of 450kg per 5cm
  • Depreciable: You can depreciate your Flexi Tank at 25% per annum as they are a tangible asset which can be rolled up and sold if need be.
  • Science behind the product: Textile approved and monitored by KIWA (product specification review) for 20 years
  • Longstanding French manufacturer; manufactured since 1959 in multiple uses around the world
  • No consent necessary in some areas to install a Flexi Tank
  • Approved for use by Regional Councils. 

June 2018

Flexi Tanks are quick and easy to install.
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Collapsible Water Storage Tanks solve an Emergency Situation

Flexi Tanks NZ were thrilled to be able to help a major swimming pool complex avert an emergency situation recently.

The pool is currently undergoing an upgrade to enable it to be classed as an Olympic sized pool and has been empty for a while during the upgrade. The pressure from a rising water table under the pool was putting pressure on the pool bottom.
Weight was needed in the empty pool to equalise this pressure, but work also needed to continue in the pool.
Solution?? Flexi Tanks NZ to the rescue!
Within 24 hours we had organised, delivered and installed 3 Flexi Bladders on the pool bottom to create 450 tonne of opposing pressure with water in the 3 tanks. Crisis averted and all contractors happy!




Flexible tanks EST. 1959
Flexible tanks EST. 1959

At Flexi Tanks, we are the New Zealand supplier of Labaronne-Citaf flexible tank solutions.  We chose to partner with Labaronne because they are the best flexible bladder tanks on the market with a trusted quality assurance. 

Labaronne-Citaf have been manufacturing flexible storage solutions since 1959, with high-strength, high-quality range and designs. 

Over 300,000 flexible tanks are installed worldwide, across a range of industries from the military through to agriculture and community use like fire fighters' water supplies.    

Fire Fighter Use & Testing

Water for Defense Purposes


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