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Installing Nationwide for 9+ Years

Flexi Tanks are a cost effective solution ideal for the New Zealand dairy farms. Our enclosed bladders store anywhere from 25,000 litres to 2 million litres of effluent. Designed to be safe, practical and easy, see why so many farmers are trusting Flexi Tanks over other traditional alternatives. 

Simple. Safe. Self Supporting.

Simple to install, just roll out the bladder on top of a 100mm horizontal bed of sand, attach to your current effluent system, and there is your storage solution solved.

Effluent Flexi Tanks Benefits

Fast & Easy Solution

  • Rapid 1-2 hour installation with minimal site preparation and no time consuming, expensive permits required
  • Completely enclosed system that is OSH compliant, so much so that fencing around the tank is not mandatory
  • No rainfall into the tank means you can considerably reduce the amount of storage needed
  • Minimal maintenance required

Environmentally Friendly, Enclosed System

  • Limited smell as tanks are totally enclosed (gas vents included)
  • No crusting on top of effluent
  • Safe - no chance of people or foreign matter falling in
  • Enclosed and ‘self-supporting’ system that goes up and down in height depending on how much liquid is inside
  • Made from 100% recyclable fabrics, in accordance with the REACH directive

Rip-Stop Fabric - Built to Last

  • Manufactured from multi layered rip-stop technical fabric with tensile strength of 450kg per 5cm
  • Manufactured since 1959 and used around the world  
  • Full 10 Year manufacturers warranty for textile and manufacture. Expected life under normal conditions is up to 20 years
  • Textile approved and monitored by KIWA (product Specification review) for 20 years

Reliable and Cost Effective

  • You can depreciate your Flexi Tank as they are a tangible asset which can be rolled up and used somewhere else if need be.
  • Per square cube of water the price of Flexi Tanks come in as a cheaper and more economical solution to other effluent storage alternatives
  • Multiple stirring valves included

The Original Flexi Tank

New Zealand's leading supplier of liquid storage bladder tanks, trusted nationwide. Quality products backed by genuine service.

"With our annual rainfall of 1.2 m falling on the roof area, of 6,300 sq meters, we can catch 7,500,000 litres of rain water. If we had the money I would have two bladders to capture more and offer fresh water every day to the cows."

Bryan Beerston

How it Works

Easy step by step Installation of a Flexi Tank. From preparation through to 4 weeks after install. No consents, minimal site work, minimal labour. Click here to see a full installation video from Flexi Tank's manufacturer Labaronne-Citaf

Flexi Tank Size Range

Pricing for Flexi Tanks are available upon request. Please get in touch for more information or a no obligation free quote.


• Technical fabric FALi 14 fabric in polyester thread high tenacity, woven and double sided PVC coating

• UV stabilised for maximum lifespan - 1400 g/m2 - 100% recyclable
• Green colour for better landscape integration

• Assembled by high frequency welding according to manufacturing standards in our production unit certified ISO 9001
• All valves and vents are double layered for extra strength and durability.

Small tanks (50m3 & under)

Large Tanks (100m3 & Up

Get in Touch!

For a no obligation quote or discussion whether a Flexi Tank is the right solution for you please fill out the form below or call us directly.

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