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The Rainwater Tanks Range from 1,000L / 1m3 to 2,000,000L / 2000m3

The flexible bladder for water storage is a perfect solution to collect and store harvested rainwater, its so simple and economical you wish you would have done it sooner. Your Flexi Tank will be able to store a huge capacity reserve for when you need it most. 

  • Orchard Owners, do you need a reliable supply of water to get you thru the dry periods?
  • Winery Owners, are you certain about your water supply during the hot summer months when everyone else is tapping into the local water supply?
  • Farmers - collect rainwater and store for irrigation and stock drinking supplies
  • Construction Sites and Builders, do you need a way of storing water for use on building sites that can be easily transported by rolling up and taking to your next site?
  • Roading - Here's a simple way to collect rainwater, storm-water and leachates on roading sites in 100m3 flexible tanks that are portable and therefore re-useable on new sites.
  • Batch and Crib Owners - do you have enough water at the beach - our water flex tanks could be the solution you hadn't thought of yet.

Rainwater bladder for harvesting

Testing mobile stopping rates

Mobile water storage


  • Easy installation
  • Bladder tanks are fully enclosed, so OSH compliant
  • Safe - Tank is enclosed ensuring that you and your family won't fall into a Flexi Tank.
  • Fencing around the tank is not mandatory
  • 10 Year manufacturers warrantee for textile and manufacture
  • Flexi Tanks are enclosed and self supporting and go up and down depending on how much liquid is inside them. 
  • Manufactured from multi layered technical fabric with tensile strength of 450kg per 5cm.
  • You can depreciate your Flexi Tank at 25% per annum as they are a tangible asset which can be rolled up and used somewhere else if need be.
  • Water collection is chemical free - no chlorine used on garden
  • No restrictions for use during drought seasons where councils restrict you to days and hours if using town tap water supplies. 
  • Reduce water bills by using rainwater on the garden and vegetation, if your water supply is metered 
  • Diminish flooding around your home or business by collecting storm water run off.
  • Manufactured since 1959 in multiple uses around the world.   

Ideal for: 

• Storage of harvested rain water 

• Water Storage for Irrigation 

• Water Storage for Stock 

• Water Storage for Horticulture 

• Water Storage in case of floods 

• Water Storage in Emergencies 

• Water Storage for Fire Fighting

• Risk management solution for construction,


350m3 Water Storage Pillow
350m3 Water Storage Pillow

400m3 Water Tank
400m3 Water Tank

3 x 300m3 Water Tank Storage
3 x 300m3 Water Tank Storage

Bladder Tanks range from 25m3 to 1000m3 for effluent; and up to 2000m3 for water . 

They are suitable for:

  • Dairy Farm Effluent Storage
  • Waste Water Storage
  • Rainwater Storage
  • Liquid Fertiliser Storage
  • Storage of Fuel - Diesel
  • Suitable for Liquid Leachate Storage
  • Potable Drinking Water for Commercial Use
  • Everyday Water Storage
  • Large Commercial Water Storage


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