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Flexi Tank Owners

About Flexible Storage Bladders

Flexi Tanks NZ Ltd offer a simple solution to liquid storage.  We are the NZ distributors of the Flexible Tank – a solution for your dairy effluent and/or water storage needs especially suited to high risk soil areas throughout New Zealand.

Our Flexi Tanks are an enclosed strong bladder with tanks that can store from 100 to 1 million litres of effluent or 25,000 - 2,000,000 litres of water. 

Simple to install, just roll out the bladder on top of a 100mm horizontal bed of sand, attach to your current effluent or water system and there is your storage solution solved eliminating expensive engineering consent work. 

Flexi Tanks are manufactured in France by Labaronne Citaf who have been manufacturing the flexible tank since 1959 and provide a solution for the storage of many types of liquid. The concept of the Flexible Tank was developed, and the Labaronne-Citaf the Company founded by Andre Labaronne. Learn more about Labaronne-Citaf further below ⬇

Our Company

We are based in the Waikato and work closely with industry professionals and farmers directly to provide storage solutions that are simple to install and require no maintenance.

Our Director, Anton Meier comes from a dairy farming background and has always been self employed with fingers in many pies, including the Dairy, Ski-Adventure Sports and Aviation Industry.

Our Location

Flexi Tanks products and services are available New Zealand wide.

Our head office is located in the heart of the Waikato between Hamilton and Cambridge:  251 Lee Martin Road, Tamahere.


Labaronne-Citaf: 60 years of Excellence

The History of the Labarone-Citaf

It all started in 1958 with Andre Labaronne's dream to bring water to the Sahara. Now the Company he founded brings water to the whole world. Andre Labaronne was an innovator with values. He was very versatile in his approach, constantly inventing and finding solutions. Fast forward 60 years, these founding qualities have remained in the the Company's DNA. 

Watch Labaronne-Citaf's 60 year journey here ⬇     


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